Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last night I started to write about the winter doldrums, but got side tracked on changing the garden....easy to do these days.
Was going to talk about making your own convenience foods. If you will remember Sesame Street's Swedish Chef, you will have a good picture of my cooking style. After a week end of cooking I most definitely have to wipe down the cupboards, the floor and me! This is why I think cooking all at one time on the week end works out well for me.

For some reason this winter oatmeal sounded good...evidently I was really bored with food because, I really have not had a taste for oatmeal for years. I tried a dish one morning and found it to be rather tasty, so decided it would be a good food to "prepackaged". Usually on the week end I make up a 9-12 of these because it is just easier than messing around every morning...especially since I am a very messy cook.

I had saved a number of little yogurt cups (recycle!) and found they were just perfect to use for a single serving.
1/2 cup quick oatmeal, a few raisins, a tablespoon of brown sugar or plain, a dash of cinnamon and if you wish a tablespoon of coffee creamer or powdered milk. Just dump in a bowl, add 1 1/3 yogurt cups of water and nuke. Sometimes I add a bit of milk, sometimes not.

I have been trying to use up stuff just sitting in the cupboards.
The creamer is left over from making hot cocoa mix earlier this winter.
I was nearly out of brown sugar and remembered you can make your: 1 cup plain white sugar add 2 tablespoons of molasses (where did 2 bottles of molasses come from?) and mix well....this takes awhile and a fork works pretty good for stirring it up. After it sits a day or so it is yummy! Actually I think I like it better than boughten brown sugar.


Cyber_Hippie said...

These are great ideas! Thanks!


Jackie said...

Okay, I came to see the rag post, and instead I see this. Great idea.