Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring in the Garden

In the last years I have had various configurations of pond and waterfall. Two years ago I got tired of fixing leaks in the waterfall and rearranged the rocks around the pond without the waterfall. I really enjoyed the pond, but it was something I continously had to mess with and I decided the flower beds and yard was enough for me to do.
Pond and Waterfall July 2004

Every spring the preformed basin is half full of fetid water, dead leaves, dead plants, worms, trash and occasionally a carcass of some small animal who did not know they could not swim. After skimming out all the debris, I pump or suck out the fetid water. It is just a very unpleasant job.

Every spring I say to myself, "It is hard to remember you came to drain the swamp, when you are up to your arse in alligators". Now with the water restrictions on in my area it is hard to justify filling the pond and maintaining it all summer. I love the water sound, but not the time I have to spend scooping out leaves, cleaning the pump filter, and trying to get the ph balance right so I do not have green slime.

The first part of May the preformed pond (4’ x 6’ x 4’) was taken out. (I am wondering what to do with it, as it is sitting on my patio.) Some of the old waterfall berm of cinderblocks and other leftovers went into the pond hole. My neighbor, John, who does concrete work, brought me a load of nice clean black dirt and was nice enough to wheelbarrow the dirt to fill the hole.

In March, my daughter and I happened upon a "bean pot" at Hobby Lobby, which I thought might work for a new water feature. Luckily it was on sale for 50% off, or I would not have bought it. Since I already had the tub, a small pump and tubing, it was just a matter of buying some 1/2" mesh wire to cover the bottom basin and top with the rock. Water feature diagram.

I am very happy with the results. Now there is more time to play in the dirt!

Water Feature May 2008

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