Sunday, June 22, 2008


These pictures were taken June 14, 2008

The lilac bushes (23 of them) were in bloom and made a very nice backdrop for the rest of the garden. If you noticed the swing, you will see where I spend alot of my time when I am not digging in the dirt.

This spring I took out 3 honeysuckle bushes and 8 huge brown yard bags of a variety of weeds and plants I thinned out. There are still a few carts of dirt to move and the front yard to thin. People keep saying they would love to have some of my perennials, but no one shows up to get them. There are no annuals, as the garden is definitely full and by the end of July will be a jungle.

This is the vegetable garden..... 2 tomatoe plants and 3 green peppers. Oh and a few onion sets. This is certainly all I need. The spring has been unseasonably cool and wet. It seems they are not growing at all, but since the pix were taken a few weeks ago, they have grown alot. Finally we have had some warm weather so give them a growth spurt.


Jackie said...

Gayle, your garden is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The bloom where you are planted theory seems to work well for you.

God bless.

Patty said...

Your garden is lovely! I just happened upon your blog...nice!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so lovely and seems to give off such a feeling of peace and joy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

=) Gayle Jackson

VAYANKEE said...

I cannot add anything that the other two commenters said; only that if I were in your garden, I would have to take my vital signs to assure myself I had not died and gone to Heaven!
Jo, Virginia