Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a Mess

This is the long week end when I work like a mad woman to get the yard in order. This year is different because I am downsizing the flower beds and dividing or getting rid of flowers. All of the flowers are perennials and quite hardy, so the beds become more jungle like every year.

It had rained Friday night, so it was a perfect time to start pulling or dividing out unwanted or overgrown plants. The front flowerbed was over grown with Snow on the Mountain and Lily of the Valley, which were choking out the hostas and ferns. I pulled 5 grocery bags out and there will be another 6-7 from my east beds. Snow on the Mountain has become my main noxious weed! It has great color and is pretty, but if it is not contained...

In the afternoon my daughter came over to help her old Mom clean out junk that has to go. She is just starting to improve her yard, so many of the building materials I had laying around and flowers I need to divide have gone home with her. YES!

This pile of rubble is what was left of the old waterfall berm after I pulled out all the old cinder block we used to elevate it. There was dirt put on top of the blocks, then the plants were added. I wanted it gone! (There are pictures in previous posts of the old waterfall, which had gone thru many transformations in the past.)

Daughter really would like to have my honeysuckle bushes and thought she could dig them out. I did not say anything, but I knew that was not going to happen! There are 3 of them. She left them a bit ragged, but I can fix that.
I swear they grow about a foot a day until they reach about 7 feet tall! I really like them, but they are placed where they are shading my small tree and it was not doing well. (You can kind of see the left side of the tree is a bit sad.) Either I will have to keep them pruned on a monthly basis or try to kill them off, that decision has not been made yet.
At the end of the afternoon there was a pickup load of cinder block from the old pond, a roll of fencing, a multitude of rolls of black edging, and numerous fence posts of metal and wood. It was about 4:30 when she left and we had worked for about 4 hours. She was going home to plant the boxes of flowers in her gardens. I wonder how much she got done.
I got the trimmer out and edged all the path pavers and around a few of the beds. Today I need to mow and it will be looking wonderful!
Charlie and the Chihuahuas were outside all day and when we came in the house they wanted food and were ready for bed. After I had a shower, a pizza, and a few beers we all crawled into bed to watch Practical Magic. It was a fluffy movie, but a great ending to a very productive day.

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