Friday, June 15, 2012


My question of the day:  Is ignorance contagious? (Would you be a carrier if it were?)
Guess I am a bit cynical today, which comes from reading and watching the news. For years I did not have time or the inclination to watch and research what's going on in the political arenas. Times certainly have changed, unfortunately not for the better. I have been an independent for most of my life and lean a bit left....or maybe even more than a bit left. The parties today do not look like the parties from the 60's and 70's. Back then I campaigned for George McGovern.

I love to read the comments on the news sites and analyze them a bit. The comments of the Fox is so different than those of... let's say the Huffington Post.

This week I found it hard to keep up with the flip flopping of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. I had hardly read Jeb's comments on how his party has changed and maybe the needed to be a bit more .... so, after a few more articles, I went back a few screens and refreshed. There was a new article and Jeb already had "walked back" on what he said. WOW that was fast!

So I decided I needed a little comic relief, so went to to see if I knew anyone, which I did not.
What came into mind was: THESE PEOPLE ARE AMERICANS AND VOTE!!!

I am beginning to think ignorance is bliss.

My girlfriends felt very left out, so I told them I would post a picture of us.
Trailer park trashy women: Billy Jean, PrairieFloozie, Sheena.

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