Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After writing "Are you making your share of trash?", I decided I would see how much my trash weighed this week. I made 10 #, which is not too bad, but would like to get it down lower yet! All the cardboard was torn up and flattened, no recycleable, puppy newpapers and chicken bones all fit into one large kitchen bag.

I know 5 pounds of it was skin and bones from the 10 pounds of chicken I cooked, cut up and froze. I have wondered if buying Wal Mart's 10# chicken hindquarters was a good deal or not.
It is alot of work:
  • get the big roaster out
  • cook chicken, cool, drain
  • put the broth in a container for soups
  • skin, debone and chop up then bag it
  • clean the roaster and put it away.
  • put the unusable parts in the garbage.
The 10# bag is $4.30. I end up with a bit less than 5 #'s of usuable chicken and some broth. So that is about $.86/#. Even adding in the energy to cook it and the garbage man to haul it away, it's still a good deal for chicken. Since I have the time...I will continue with this mess. It is nice to have the chicken for Maggie, Jack and me. It is convenient to have it in the freezer, but not convenient to make!

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